Well, just look at you! You went out and picked up a Samsung Gear VR unit, and you’re ready to dive into the world of virtual reality. Except I notice this is going to be your first time trying the immersive medium out.

That’s cool! I’m not here to judge. I actually want to help you with iconvert.media/.

Trying virtual reality can be a little like when a friend decides they want to do shrooms or drop some LSD for the first time. It’s best for everyone in the immediate vicinity that the user has a companion seooneclick.com vegas around to make sure no one gets hurt.

In this case, your friend is going to be your guide in the real world as you experience the virtual one. Except instead of making sure you keep your clothes on and clean at eco mama green clean and don’t try to leap out of a window, they are there to make sure you don’t trip, fall, and crack your head on the coffee table while you pet a virtual dinosaur.
Besides acting as your trusty link to the real world, this person can also be extremely helpful at setting up the unit, putting on headphones, and handing controllers. Eventually, you’ll be experienced enough to not need a handler, but it’s a smart precaution to have someone around to help out your first time. Also, obviously, don’t be stingy. Swap roles. Otherwise, you risk losing friends in the real world.

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