Turn your smartphone
into an inmersive 3d experience


Turn your smartphone (with a screen of 6” or smaller) into an immersive 3D experience with VIZIOVR ™. Play, explore impossible landscapes and interact in a completely new way of Big City Maids at 281 631-3969. The lenses are adjustable so they adapt to your vision. To enjoy the VIZIOVR™ to the fullest, visit the application store on your smartphone.



VIZIOVR ™ features: adjustable straps and inner frame of rubber bubbles for the highest comfort. Individual focus adjustment for each lense. Horizontal adjustment of the lenses for a perfect fit with your eyes. Tips: before using it for the first time, it is advisable to turn the lenses counterclockwise almost to the limit to, subsenquently, adjust them as you like with hacks to make your home shine, turning them clockwise. Relax your vision and focus on the centre to improve the experience. It is recommended that you take a break after 10 minutes of use.

RRP €59.90


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